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Here is only part of the feedback we got from the students who took our online tutoring classes or used the problem solving service. Online tutoring helped them improve their grades and become more confident in their studies.

Hi I just wanted to thank you for your tutoring. Your tutoring saved and helped me do very well throughout the course. Helen i did really well on my final exam. I got a 33/36 on the multiple choice and a 36/39 on the essay test. I got an A on every test except for the first BUT Ira (my teacher) was so very kind and generous. He gave me an A for the course.!!!!! Helen you tutor very well, and i owe my A to your knowledge :) Thanks for the tutoring!
Munther H.

Helen, just wanted to let you know I made a very solid A on the mid-term. I appreciate your help very much and most of what made the exam easier was your persistence for getting me to know every maticulous detail. :) You are a very good teacher and obviously was well worth it.
Mike S.

The online tutoring sessions made the difference between an A or a B/C for me. Helen is very good at explaining, and she makes sure that you get everything before she moves on. I was originally very reluctant to try online tutoring because I'm very technologically primitive, and I also didn't think it would be very practical. But it is the most practical type of tutoring I've had! In fact, I honestly think this works better than sitting next to an actual person and being tutored that way. It takes a little time to get used to writing on the board, but it's very fun when you do. Overall, it takes a little effort to get started, but it really pays off once you start using the virtual classroom on a regular basis, or every occasionally. I strongly recommend it to anyone.
Navid Z.

For me, the tutoring was mostly a very positive experience. Helen's a capable tutor, and she helped me understand some pretty difficult concepts. She was always committed and enthusiastic while assisting me with my various problems. Thanks again for the service!
Steven L.

The tutoring sessions were very helpful. The flexible scheduling options assisted me in setting aside time to work with the tutor. The tutor was knowledgeable in the subject matter and easy to understand. Thank you again for all your help!
Aileen P.

The tutor was excellent. She was knowledgeable, and supportive. She provided excellent feedback, and was thoroughly knowledgeable of the material being covered. I looked forward to our meetings as an opportunity to really grasp the material.
Todd A.

Nina's tutoring hours gave me a chance to be tutored during night time, when I don't have work, errands, or school stuff. She was friendly, extremely patient, and very very helpful. I'm not sure what else to say except that this idea of tutoring online is pretty darn good.
Christine P.

I wanted to e-mail you and let you know about the on-line tutoring sessions. I found the sessions very helpful. I have never been good in math and I found that the on-line tutoring sessions with Nina made some sense of the confusion I had. Any specific question I had, Nina would show me and explain to me in more than one way of how I could solve the problem. Nina especially helped me with any problem that had to do with graphing; whether it was plotting the points or graphing the inverse variation. Thanks to the one-on-one help from Nina, quite possibly better than my math teacher, I was reassured that I would be given a fair chance to understand the material. Thank you for your help.
Erin M.

Hi Helen, I really was helped by your sessions. I learned everything that I came to you for. Your were very friendly and patient. Thanks for all your help!
Amy C.

I found the sessions to be extremely helpful. It was a lot more convenient than I had expected it to be (with the new software and all), and although we encountered a few difficulties it worked overall a lot better than I had imagined. I thought that it would take forever to convey information, and that it would be a lot less productive than an in-person tutoring session, but I was definetely wrong! I think that you explained everything very clearly, and your expertise in the area was also very helpful as you were able to analyze exactly WHAT I did that was wrong, WHY I had done it, and were also able to logically explain how YOU reached the solution and how it pertains to everything else. I think you made a lot of things much clearer to me, due mostly to your ability to explain everything from any angle, and you taught me several useful shortcuts! I also liked that you had material of your own to offer me (you made up other problems not in the textbook, and sent me optimization problems from another source so that I could practice also).

I have had very minimal tutoring previous to this, basically one session each with two different people (in person). Both of them made mistakes, which i later caught by myself - they were definetely not fit to be tutors for the material that i am learning. However, both times that you made any mistake or a solution was unclear, you immediately recognized it and then went out of your way to find the correct solution after the session and let me know, so that I would not be confused. I thought that was wonderful. I also very much appreciated the flexible schedule, which allowed me to schedule new appointments before tests or something. And I apologize for the amount of times I've had to cancel due to other school stuff :( ! After we started the sessions, my quiz grade went up dramatically - but unfortunately tests still count for more, and they were still very hard, although i did perform a little better. My grade ended up the same, but the material was getting much harder, so I know that if I did not have the sessions, it would have definetely gotten much lower instead of staying the same.
Daniele B.

I got my grade on the assignment an A .....Cool!! I wish i had known about your services earlier.... Well in the future i will contact you!

Thank you! I appreciate your detailed answers - for once the problems make sense and I sincerely mean that! The explanation in the book and from the instructor is somewhat complex that it only adds to the confusion one is already enduring.
Thank you!

I am a 53 year old "non-traditional" MBA student.

While I've had a great deal of success in business, my academic training was in arts and sciences and I graduated over thrity years ago.

So, when my Statistics and Finance courses at a top business school came along, I was parlyzed with fear. (Not that accounting and econ before that had made me particularly happy either, but I had to take these two courses in the same semester and I had never done a spread sheet in my life.

I googled and found Helen and her team (Vineet and Sriram were my favorites) and they "adopted" me.

They didn't seem to mind that I had arrived on the mathematical "short bus", they were incredibly patient and kind and clear as they worked me through my lessons.

I could say a lot more but it will suffice to say, I would not have gotten through these courses without homeworkexpert.com. I highly, highly recommend their work.

Tim M.

Dear Helen, I have been using your unique services to help me with my Trigonometry, Calculus I, and Calculus II courses all throughout this year. I love math, and I want to keep majoring in it. It's just that I am juggling with full time work and school at the same time that I really don't have much freedom in my schedule to meet with the professors during their office hours for help. I want to let you know that you really help me out by showing all of the work and certain methods throughout the problems that the textbooks and online resources do not show me. You're a very reliable person with reasonable quotes, and I appreciate how quick you e-mail me back when I submit my problems to you.

I am currently finishing up my courses in Calculus II, Discrete Math I, Java I, and Political Science this semester. I am registered next semester for Linear Algebra, Java II, Statistics, and Biology. Statistics will be a subject all new to me, but I know if I run into any problems, you will be there for me. Thank You,
Richard S.

Helen: I honestly can't thank you enough for the service you provide.

Olga is a first-rate mathematician with a deep knowledge of many areas of mathematics! Not only was the online tutoring helpful (I took notes during our tutoring sessions and keep them alongside my lecture notes), but her files really helped me see the concepts more clearly. I strongly recommend that any student receiving tutoring services from Olga inquire about the files she can put together. They are more helpful than any of your lecture notes. Olga's explanations are clear, her examples are readable, and her proofs and extremely clean! I can honestly say that Olga is better than my professor!

Eventhough I put off tutoring for weeks for a graduate level math course, I was able to score a solid "B" on the first exam with basically a week of "cram" tutoring! I learned the lesson, put in more time preparing for the final exam that I have tonight, and am looking forward to getting an "A" on the final and in the course! Please sign up for tutoring TODAY if any of the concepts you're studying are not clear. It doesn't matter whether you are taking freshman level math courses, graduate level math courses, or courses somewhere in-between, Olga WILL help you understand the concepts. You won't regret it! I will not hesitate to arrange tutoring sessions with Olga again!

I just wanted to let you know that I received an B in my class and I graduated with a MBA on August 4, 2007. Thank you for your services.
Tayna F.

You have been awesome and I appreciate EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE FOR ME!!! When the assignments come back from you, I study it, review it and learn more than from my professors! You are the BEST tutors!
Rob H.

Great doing business with you all. Thank you and I will be in touch. Have a great day!
Ashanta J.

Thank you very much. I got your e-mail with attached solution this morning. I was very helpful solving the problem. You're the BEST!! I will ask for your help again if I need help with my homework. Best wishes,
Erina Y.

Helen, Thank you & your staff for the quick turnaround. This has helped a lot. I was able to work through the questions step by step to understand.
Rebecca C.

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