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We are an International team of experienced tutors who are constantly involved in online or face-to-face tutoring. All of our tutors work in education and research. We are highly selective and include only truly experienced professionals in our team. See our tutors' profiles

Description of services.

We provide Problem Solving and Online Tutoring services.

Problem solving is a service provided by e-mail when a student sends his/her problems to HomeworkExpert via online submission form, fax or e-mail, indicating the deadline. We provide a quote and in case the student accepts it we send the solutions before the established deadline.

Online tutoring is a service provided via the Internet when a HomeworkExpert tutor and a student meet online in an Internet meeting room or chat and discuss questions on the subject tutored.

Our Business Practices:

Individual approach. We believe that every student deserves individual attention; therefore you will never receive an automatic reply e-mail from us. Each request is carefully processed by our experts and a quote is provided within 24 hours. We do not issue a quote unless we are certain that possess the expertise in the subject area of your task and that we can meet the deadline required. The turnaround time for small orders is 24 hours after the payment.

Accuracy of solutions and level of detail. We understand that all students are concerned about the accuracy of the solutions they receive. Each solution submitted by our tutors is reviewed by an independent expert prior to being sent to the customer. This significantly reduces the probability of an error caused by Human Factor. Also, if you find an error in the solution you received from us, we guarantee to refund your expenses for the erroneous solutions (see terms of service). Unless you wish to receive answers only, we provide step-by-step solutions with all derivations, formulae and graphs shown. See our sample solutions

Privacy and Security. We respect our customers' privacy and understand their concern about the payment processing security. We NEVER publish our customers' personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) without their consent. We use Paypal for all transactions: the credit card information goes directly to PayPal, is not registered by HomeworkExpert and is protected by high-level encryption.

Problem solving via e-mail

Too much homework and deadline is too close? No problem!
You can get help with your homework following these four easy steps:

Submit your problems
Get a quote from us free of charge
Pay your fees online (PayPal, credit card)
Get your solutions by e-mail

Service fee:


We charge only for the time involved in solving the problems. Free cost estimate.

Online tutoring services

Do you want to improve your knowledge or prepare for an exam?
Our experienced tutors are ready to explain the material and solve the tough problems step-by-step in an online meeting room.

Easy and convenient connection from your home computer will give you access to a higher level of academic performance!

E-mail us today to set up your individual schedule

Service fee:


Free trial in any Math subject and Statistics. Find our students' testimonials here »

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